Angus the Big Guy

Sweet Angus was one lucky tomcat when he came into the care of Alley Cat Project, alerted by a kindly human in his neighborhood. Angus was a skinny, matted, limping mess but the very next day after ACP took him in he got his mats shaved, neutered and diagnosed with a broken hip. Off he went to a foster home to rest up for surgery and then to recuperate. He had been living on the streets but immediately demonstrated his sweet personality and his huge purr to go with his huge size. His recovery includes growing his fur back so he no longer needs a coat to keep him warm, though he does look pretty handsome in his tartan plaid, don’t you think?

Personality and Traits

  • New to Indoor Life
  • Friendly
  • Food Motivated
  • Quiet and Calm
  • Indoor Only
  • Prefers to be the Only Cat
  • No Dogs