Our team entirely consists of volunteers, and we always welcome help!

Here are the current volunteer roles in need of support:

Social Media, Marketing & Events

We currently have no open opportunities for marketing, social media or event support. Please check back with us another time.

Trapping and Transport Team

  • Field Operative/Trapper
    This work requires training, passion for cats, tireless energy, lack of timidity, a flexible schedule or ability to work on trapping after work hours, a dependable vehicle, ability to lift, carry, and transport traps, carriers, and cats in traps and carriers. Prior experience is preferred, but training and mentoring will be provided. Note: most of our trapping needs are south of downtown.

  • Clinic Transport
    Early morning transport of cats to clinic in Lynnwood, Washington. Note: this may require holding the cats overnight in traps or carriers the night before clinic at your home or garage. Check in time is currently 7:30 AM.

  • Kennel Care and Cleaning
    Cleaning kennels, litter boxes, traps, carriers, sweep and mop floor. Frequency depends on demand, linked to trapping efforts. Location: Magnolia

Fostering Team

  • Shy Adult Cat Foster Parent
    We are always looking for foster parents to give an adult cat the opportunity for a safe and comfortable life. Frequently, the adult cats we trap just need a kind and patient person to help them come out of their shell. Outdoor cats lead hard lives with dramatically reduced life expectancies, and it is always our preference to find homes for as many cats as we can – adults included, as long as they show potential for socialization. Fostering and socializing shy adults takes more time and patience than kittens, but is much more rewarding.
  • Kitten Foster Parent
    Kitten season typically runs from April-November every year. As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, kittens begin to pop up in bushes, crawlspaces, and everywhere in between. Our foster kittens are typically between 4-12 weeks old, but we also foster both older kittens and feral mothers with their unweaned newborns. Our foster parents will take anywhere from 2-6 kittens at a time. Typically, you will foster them for 1-2 months until they’re adopted. These furballs can be a little “spicy” initially, but kittens learn to trust humans very quickly. For the extra spicy ones, our experienced foster parents are always available to help.

If you are ready to join us, please fill out our volunteer information form.

VOLUNTEER DUTIES AND DESCRIPTIONS Here are some of the things we do. Check back often as our needs change, especially during kitten season.

Capture – Do you have a car and flexibility during the evening hours?  Capturing cats works best in the evening when cats are hungry and active.

Holding and Drop off – Are you an early riser with a car and enclosed garage, shed, or basement?  If so, you’re a great candidate to help transport cats to the Spay/Neuter clinic in Lynnwood on weekdays and Sunday mornings.

Pickup and Recovery –  Do you have a car and flexible schedule during the day?  You could help picking up cats after their surgeries and keeping them warm for one or two days while they recover.

Working Cats Program – We help unwanted adult cats find permanent homes in warehouses, breweries, and other places where mousers are needed. If you don’t mind driving moderate distances,  and want the thrill of matching people with working cats, this might be a great opportunity for you.