Opal and Onyx

Opal and Onyx are a female/male bonded pair of tailless (Manx) kittens with medium length fur that will continue to thrive if adopted together. They are approximately 6-7 months old, and both have been neutered and fully vaccinated. Both have excellent litter box habits, and healthy appetites.

Onyx is a black male that can usually be found sunning himself on a window seat, or rough-housing with his sister Opal and his feline foster brother. He LOVES to chase anything that rolls and bounces. 

Opal is much shyer than her brother, but she is starting to spend less time hiding under the bed and more time getting into mischief with Onyx. While her brother is toy motivated, Opal loves food, and will do just about anything for a Churu treat or bowl of wet food. She also likes to have her soft gray fur brushed if her foster mom can catch her.

Personality and Traits
  • Adopted as a pair
  • New to indoor life
  • Shy
  • Food motivated
  • Energetic and playful
  • Quiet and calm environment.
  • Indoor Only
  • Feline Friendly
  • No known history with dogs
  • No known history with children



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